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Mr. Alexander has been an actor for many years and has played many roles, some of them intentionally. Wayne gave up a promising career in neurosurgery to follow his muse, saying, "Knowing what literally makes people tick isn't nearly as fulfilling as knowing what really makes them tick." Some of his favorite portrayals (or betrayals, it's all subjective) include the title role in "Pinocchio", Edmund from the play based on the Narnia stories, "The Lion,The Witch and the Wardrobe", the 'other' horse in "Equus" and the sixth Troll from stage right in "Peer Gynt." He is most proud of his one-man show, "Dr. Suess, the Man Beneath the Hat."

Mr. Alexander's mother cautioned him early on, saying, "Don't become a stud."--advice he has tried always to follow. Wayne is married to a woman, and has five separate children. None of them real.
But Seriously...

I grew up in a very small town in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley in California. I had a very theatrical mother growing up, she can still be counted on to go into 'theatrics' when life's little dramas arise. She was very nurturing of my interest in theater and being a thespian, as was my father. I got my schooling in Los Angeles City College Theater Academy. I went on to the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco to get my baptism by fire into what it meant to have a life in the theater.The training I got there doing plays in repertory has held me in good stead ever since. At ACT I also learned stage fencing, which lead to work as a fight choreographer. I have made a living since then doing mostly classical theater in Los Angeles, I am on a first name basis with Shakespeare's Hamlet, Romeo, Benedick, Iago, Proteus, Berowne and Edmund the Bastard, to name a few. I did a few years in New York, beginning on Broadway with a production of Simon Gray's "The Common Pursuit", and lingering to do whatever else the city had to offer. I've been doing television and film work for about 15 years now.

I began my work in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre in 1985 when I appeared as a regular cast member on the short-lived CBS primetime series "Other World", appearing as Lieutenant Zero, aide to the villianous Commander Kroll

I was the meek, put upon gas attendant, Vern, who, upon encountering Martian invasion leader, Captain Bipto, was transformed into the Zorro-like, welding-goggle wearing, robot-slave Verndroid, in my next genre experience, Touchstone Picture's "Spaced Invaders", which has since attained cult status on college campuses around the country, and especially in France, where Jerry Lewis (not in the film, but by way of explanation) is a god.

Next up was the episode of the new "Twilight Zone", titled "The Devil's Alphabet", and then my guest-star apearances on "Babylon 5", including the very popular Sebastian the Inquisitor in "Comes the Inquisitor", and my recurring role as Lorien, the First One. I have played a total of five different guest-star toles on Babylon 5, setting their guest performer record. In between these appearances true genre afficionados may have seen my work on ABC's all-too-brief teen science fiction series, "Hypernauts".

I also have a recurring role on the hit genre "The X-Files", where I play Assistant Director Arnold of the FBI. Recently I have also lent my voice to two Babylon 5 spoofs, "Frightspace" (by the people who brought you Babylon Park) and "Crusade Wars". I also appear in the new Babylon 5 CD-ROM ineractive game by Sierra titled "Into the Fire", where I get to show my own human face last! Pretty scary!

Outside of my television and film work, I have appeared extensively on the professional stage, both in Los Angeles and New York.

.......I Hope You Enjoy The Site!
FILMS (Link to IMDB)

Journey's End "Lt Hibbert" (1982) Showtime
Spaced Invaders "Vern/Verndroid"(1989) Touchstone
Mr. Wrong "Man at the Opera" (1996) Touchstone

Other World (recurring) "Lt. Zero" (1984-5) CBS
The Twilight Zone "Devils Alphabet" "Cornelius"(1985)
Law and Order "Givinchy" (1988) NBC
Little Spies "Dad" (1988) ABC
The Perfect Date "Mr.Foster" (1990) ABC
Saturday "Car Salesman" (1991) CBS
Picket Fences "Jury Foreman" (1994) CBS
Babylon "Sebastian" (1995) UPN
Liveshot "Doctor" (1995) UPN
Hypernauts "Barada" (1996) ABC
Hypernauts "General Lo-Hro-In" (1996) ABC
Babylon 5 "G'Dan" (1996) UPN
Babylon 5 (recurring) "Lorien" (1996) UPN
Babylon 5 "Tortured Drazi" (1997) UPN
Frazier "Peter Soutendeck" (1997) NBC
Nothing Sacred "Talk Show Host" (1997) ABC
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch "Claude" (1997) ABC
Babylon 5 (recurring)"The Drakh" (1997) TNT
Babylon 5 "River of Souls" "Anguished Soul" (1998)
The X-Files (recurring) "Asst. Dir.Arnold"(1998) Fox-TV
Becker "The Wholesome Man" (1998) CBS

Ah, Wilderness "Richard" (1974) ACT/San Francisco
Othello "Iago" (1975) ACT
Much Ado About Nothing "Benedict" (1975) Globe Thr.
Troilus & Cressida "Paris"(1975) Globe Theatre
Much Ado About Nothing "Claudio" PCPA Theatrefest
Romeo & Juliet "Paris" (1976) PCPA Theaterfest
A Christmas Carol "Bob Cratchit"(1977) ACT
The Bourgeois Gentleman "Master Tailor"(1977) ACT
Frankenstein "Victor" (1977) ACT
The Homecoming "Sam" (1977) ACT
Comedy of Errors "Antipholus"(1979) Vita Shakespeare
A Christmas Carol "Fred" (1980) South Coast Rep
Romeo & Juliet "Tybalt" (1981) Vita Shakespeare
Midsummer Night's Dream "Theseus" Vita Shakespear
Merchant of Venice "Lorenzo" (1981) South Coast Rep
Imaginary Invalid "Cleante" (1982) South Coast Rep
Romeo & Juliet "Romeo" (1982) Grove Festival
Twelfth Night "Aguecheek" (1982) Grove Festival
Journey's End "Lt. Hibbert" (1982) Cast Theatre
Boy Meets Girl "Rodney Bevan" (1083) South Coast Rep
Two Gentleman of Verona "Proteus" (1983) Grove Fest.
Macbeth "Banquo" (1983) Grove Festival
Much Ado About Nothing "Don Pedro" (1984) Grove
Hamlet "Hamlet" (1984) Grove Festival
Importance of Being Earnest "Jack" (1985) South Coast
Measure for Measure "Claudio"(1985) Mark Taper Forum
Undisovered Country "Gustl Wahl" Mark Taper Forum
The Common Pursuit "Martin" (1985) Matrix Theatre
The Common Pursuit "Peter" (1986-87) Matrix Treatre
Streetcar Named Desire "Mitch"(1987-88) Circle In Sq.
Legend of Oedipus "Chorus" (1988) Williamstown
The Philadelphia Story "Dexter"(1992) South Coast Rep
Hamlet "Hamlet" (1992) SOC Festival
The Winter's Tale "Polixenes" (1992) SOC Festival
Much Ado About Nothing "Benedick"(1993) SOC Fest.
Private Lives "Elyot" (1993) Gem Theater
Twelth Night "Malvolio" (1994) SOC Festival
King Lear "Edmund" (1994) SOC Festival
Habeas Corpus "Cannon Throbbing"(1994) Matrix Thr.
The Trial of Ruby"M" "Bill Huey" (1995) Taper Too

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